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Asian Massage
Our massage therapists are certified in the art of massage. License MM29098
Oriental Massage
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Therapy Massage
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Massage therapy is a form of alternative medicine that was used for many years. It utilizes thumb, fingers, elbows, back and feet to put pressure motion on to the body. The person responsible for such therapy is called a massage therapist. Massage therapist used smooth long strokes, circular movements and rubbing on deep or superficial muscles depending on the type of massage being applied.

Hot oil massage

This is the most common procedure among massage therapy as it is used for all types of massage. We used 100% highest grade natural oils to provide a luxurious feeling, recovery and relaxation. It relieves tired muscles, sore and tensions of the body.

Swedish massage

This is the most popular European massage technique that includes rolling, gliding, kneading and tapping long strokes to ease muscle aches, tension reduction and improve circulation and blood flow.

Shiatsu massage

This means finger pressure as it guides force on pressure points with a balance kneading technique. The shiatsu therapist uses thumbs, palms and fingers as well as elbows. Knuckles and feet to give force to acupuncture points and realign energy channels.

Deep tissue

This type of massage goes beyond skin and underlying soft tissue and goes into deep and muscle areas. It focuses on realigning muscles and connective tissue layers as well as opening and balancing fascia, releases toxins, helpful for stiff necks, sore shoulder and low back pains. It uses hands, fingers, palms and elbow for deep slow strokes. The hallmark for this procedure is the slow movement with deeper pressure in certain areas.


This is a traditional healing art that focuses on the principles that there are hand and foot reflexes that correspond to an organ, part and gland. Reflexology focuses on areas where there are energy points.

Couples Massage

Couples massage lets you enjoy the all- embracing experience of relaxation together with your special partner. Massage therapists serve as a bridge to prevent stress and ease your mind from the pressured world we are living in. Aside from that, it also boosts your relationship and facilitate to live your life happily. Couples massage is often combined with aromatherapy.


Both olfactory system and aroma in combination with essential oils that treats conditions ranging from treating depression to stimulating circulation. We mix the 100" first rate natural oils to empower vigor, well-being and balance. Different herbs do have different qualities of healing. Oils can be mixed to order just simply ask our spa manager towards the enhancement of your personal relaxation, peace and comfort.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is an incredible massage that places hot stones on tired muscles to increase blood circulation. This technique utilizes the use of fingers and thumbs to apply pressure points. Pressed with deep tissue massage and heat of the stones, the body's capacity to detach waste and toxins and further support for elimination is enhanced. Benefits include relief of lower back pain as well as hip and shoulder congestion.